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Loc. Sant'Uberto, 165 - BOLGHERI (LI)
P.IVA 01732670490

A bit of bon-ton for travelers with its four-legged

A bit of bon-ton for travelers with its four-legged

There are some rules of politeness that would object were always observed: the rude behavior of some going to affect all of us who have a pet in tow.


  • The accommodation is comfortable against your four-legged. But this is NOT a home for animals, namely: the dog is on vacation with you, and you must feel, as far as possible. Try not to leave your furry room unattended, especially at the early afternoon and evening - remember that some Fido does not like to be alone and could protest with some bark for your lack ... For this I recommend, if you go to sea, to choose a location where there is a stretch of coastline also welcome our four-legged, so Fido can come to the beach with you and will not be alone...
  • If your furry friends are accustomed to getting on the beds and couches at home, please have the foresight to bring with you bedspreads or towels to lay on the furniture of the room, so as to leave clean when you leave .. . We all know well that it is easy to remove hairs from the bow of our fabrics ...
  • Please clean the manure! Is near the hotel where you will bear off to do the stroll your bow, and where you're going to go hiking, take your bag and clean the manure (you will also more sympathetic): your step with Fido should leave no trace slippery ...

It is not easy to find places that accept us with your heart with our furry friends: please, do not we let the managers change their minds ... not too take advantage of their kindness and let us show Perfect Passengers with Quadrupeds in tow!