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Loc. Sant'Uberto, 165 - BOLGHERI (LI)
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Bolgheri and Castagneto Carducci

Bolgheri and Castagneto Carducci

The small village of Bolgheri, located about 5 km from the farm, is a center of attraction of great interest. The village developed around the medieval castle, was reached along the famous avenue of cypresses, made famous by the nineteenth-century poet Carducci who lived here.
Around town reigns supreme nature and the countryside, with landscapes and views of the vineyards where they play a major role, by coloring the surroundings of a bright green in spring and a warm red in autumn. An emotion can only follow the winding country roads, surrounded by the colors and scents of the great vineyards that give rise to some of the most famous wines of Bolgheri DOC: Sassicaia, Ornellaia, Paleo, Guado al Tasso...

There are many places that preserve the memory of the great poet: the cemetery where he buried his beloved grandmother Lucia, the withdrawal of the Oak, the home and much more. Finally, for lovers of nature, remember that a few steps you can visit the Wildlife Refuge of Bolgheri WWF today.

A little further away from Bolgheri, about 8 km, is the quaint old town of Castagneto Carducci. The town, situated on a hill, it also develops around the castle of the Gherardesca, famous for having a famous ancestor: The famous Count Ugolino della Gherardesca, mentioned by Dante in his Divine Comedy. The count, probably, according to latest archaeological findings made at the Tower of Donoratico, a short walk from the old town, lived in these places.

In summer the small town comes to life and is dyed to the nines. There are numerous festivals, parties, meetings and exhibitions and theatrical performances in the Rome Theater, a renovated nineteenth-century theater.
The municipality of Castagneto Carducci, which extends to the sea. A beautiful coastline, with its long beaches, clear waters and Mediterranean (Blue Flag this year) where you can relax and cool off from summer heat.




The famous vineyards of Bolgheri where the Super Tuscans are born, among the best wines in the world.

Upon reservation and for groups of at least 6 people, we can organize:
Guided tours to the cellars of Bolgheri and / or to the mills of Castagneto Carducci

5 minutes by car - from the farm


The small gulf consists of a basin between the Ligurian Sea and the Tyrrhenian Sea. North of the peninsula that makes up a large part of the town of Piombino. This basin is located between the promontory of Populonia and near Torraccia, a hamlet of the municipality of San Vincenzo.
Like Populonia, also Baratti has Etruscan origins, and near the inhabited area there are some burial mounds to witness the colonization of the aforementioned civilization.

35 minutes by car - from the farm


The beautiful beach of the Etruscan coast. The great beach of Marina di Castagneto Carducci has been enchanting thousands of tourists from all over the world for years.

The history of Marina di Castagneto is essentially linked to the construction of the eighteenth-century fortress for the patrolling of the coast. Shortly thereafter, as part of the land reclamation promoted by the Grand Duke of Tuscany, it was decided to set up a vast coastal pinewood to protect the countryside behind it.

5 minutes by car - from the farm


The famous avenue of cypresses and Bolgheri. The quaint village has developed around the medieval castle that stands on a modest hill accessible through the charming Viale dei Cipressi, a road almost five kilometers long that begins in the valley, on the Via Aurelia, right in front of the eighteenth-century Oratory of San Guido: the place It was made famous by the verses of Giosuè Carducci in the poem Davanti San Guido.

5 minutes by car - from the farm


The village is one of the most beautiful towns in the Val di Cornia. Headquarter of important wineries (here the DOC Val di Cornia Suvereto is produced) and is part of the CittĂ  del Vino association. It is part of the circuit of the most beautiful villages in Italy. The hamlet of Prata is known for being the area of origin and production of Lazzero di Prata, a fine olive tree that takes its name from the locality.

30 minutes by car - from the farm


The Gallorose Park is a wildlife center that hosts about 180 animal species, coming from all over the world. Among the many species of wild animals housed deserve to be mentioned the Lichi of the Nile (endemic antelope of southern Sudan), the giant red kangaroo (perhaps the only breeding group present in Italy), the giant black squirrel (Ratufa bicolor), the binturong (Arctictis binturong), the owl of the palms (Paguma larvata), the vulture of the palms, the crane of paradise and the casuario.Il Park also houses a rich collection of breeds of domestic animals, including many in serious danger of extinction as the Pisan cow.

10 minutes by car - from the farm