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Loc. Sant'Uberto, 165 - BOLGHERI (LI)
P.IVA 01732670490

Farm holiday in Tuscany

Farm holiday in Tuscany



Bolgheri, located a few steps from the sea and hills, enjoys an excellent climate throughout the year. Little precipitation and much sunshine. If this is ideal for the tourist it is for nature. Hubert Farm decided to install solar photovoltaic energy needs of the structure in order to respect the environment and be more in tune with nature that surrounds us.


The farm is renowned for its hospitality Hubert offered to our guests. A warm welcome and quality accommodation will be offered for you to fully enjoy our sites and our traditions. Even the houses are characterized by cordiality, intimate and warm, treated in detail and in a traditional style for an enjoyable stay immersed in the traditions of the Tuscan countryside.


Bolgheri in Tuscany, a land rich in traditions, tastes, flavors and art. Our sea, characterized by long sand dune beaches and caressed by the Mediterranean, for years received the Blue Flag as a symbol of purity. Hubert Farm reflects the traditions of the environment in which it is inserted. Warm and comfortable rooms, furnished in traditional country style of the place, the kitchen with an antique flavor and delicious traditional dishes for all tastes prepared by the skilled hands of chef Mara. In addition, you share in our small town traditions, parties to the historical occurrences that are repeated every year at a rate antique flavor.


Wake up in the morning surrounded by the silence of the countryside and with a good breakfast prepared at the time ... This is a good day that we make to all our guests.
Such as breakfast, our kitchen offers unforgettable sensations. Typical local dishes... Chef Mara is waiting for you!


The farm is a family environment Hubert, we like to accommodate people who like to spend a few days in a quiet and relaxing , where tourists do not feel, but friends at a friends house.


You just have to contact us for availability...