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Loc. Sant'Uberto, 165 - BOLGHERI (LI)
P.IVA 01732670490

The kitchen: the realm of Mara

The kitchen: the realm of Mara

The kitchen you'll find in our farm is attentive not only to provide everything that is typical of the Tuscan tradition, but also to use natural products from our company (eco-agriculture). 
Our goal is to introduce our guests simple, wholesome food, to rediscover the real flavors of the past, in other words the real Tuscan country cooking.

The Breakfast: is full of good wholesome cakes and homemade jams, and of course the choice of preferred drinks such as coffee, chocolate for children, tea, etc. ... that will prepare us. 

The Dinner: The hottest and engaging in our farm, a meeting point for all of us, as in the true tradition of the past, we eat together guests and owners.

Once you have chosen the "battle stations" from the start dinner first course to dessert, the meal with animating anecdotes, jokes and exchanging mutual experiences, to try to recreate what is the true spirit of the farm.

The Chefs